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Are You Implementing The Right Strategies As a Realtor?

Let An Experienced Real Estate Agent/Brokers Assistant Help.

Are You Executing These Strategies The Right Way ?


Prospecting is a major part in building a formidable relationship with property owners that last long enough to lead to sales. However with less time to deal with cold calling, cold emailing, email marketing, social media prospecting, How many potential buyers/sellers do you think you are missing out on? 


This is often overlooked by most realtors and it is one of the most important foundation in building a standard real estate brand. Either it be getting reviews or reaching out to potential buyers and sellers with follow-up calls, with the right assistant in charge you can influence the market in your favour.

Appointment Setting

Most realtors are quite difficult to contact and this is due to an overwhelming amount of tasks that they need to monitor and take care of on a daily basis and as a result they miss out on that call, text that could have led to a sale. Would you like to change this?

What Are You Getting When You Hire An Experienced Virtual Assistant?

All These Tasks Handled By A Single Virtual Assistant

Cold Calling

No doubt cold calling is a pain but a single result through cold calling within a day or two is bound to increase your profit and you don’t have to do it yourself. With the help of our expert assistants you can be assured of reaching out to at least 50-100 potential buyers a day.

Administrative Tasks

Do you want to focus on dollar making tasks and leave the administrative work to someone that can deal with them efficiently? Reviewing listings, scheduling appointments, mailing newsletters, bookkeeping, customer service. these are all tasks you can delegate to a remote assistant?


The marketing strategies you can use as a realtor are limitless. Social media prospecting, facebook ads, lead generation. content writing, blog posts. These are different plans a remote assistant can implement to promote your brand and give you a platform for making sales.

Social Media Management


Highlighting your success stories through social media postings  is one of the most important key  as a real estate agent. Hiring an assistant will not only save you time to focus on the important aspect of your business but also help you build a successful brand through social media

Market Research

Undoubtedly the most ignored aspect of sales by the majority of realtors most likely due to lack of time. With an experienced assistant in the real estate field you can be assured of complete research onthe market trends and what home buyers and sellers wants expects.

Follow Ups

Buyers/sellers follow up is an important sales process that is overlooked by most realtors. Why handle all the stress alone when you can hire an experienced real estate assistant to deal with sales and follow up.

Find the Right Virtual Assistant For You.

Based Around The World

Our virtual assistants are carefully selected from the best around the world.

Completely Remote

Our expert assistants can do everything an employee can do and more except remotely.

College Graduates

Our virtual assistants are highly educated and comfortable in every situation


Select the right assistant for your business today .

Still in doubt

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It's time to get more done and also have enough spare time to promote your business.

The amount of hours spent on administrative tasks, emails, calendar management, appointment settings and sales can be directed into developing your business. At VirtualAssistantsHire our mission is to help you develop your business rapidly by saving you enough time to focus on important things and have the best expert in the business promote your business.

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