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Let our expert sales assistant with experience in the market In Combination With our a.i system help you achieve your 7-figure business goal.

Expert Sales Representatives

What Can A Expert Sales Assistant Do For Your Business?


Is your sales process exhausting and with unimpressive result.

Customer Service Representatives

Handling calls, emails, chat support as a business owner is a lot of work.

Appointment Setting

Setting sales/business appointments is demands skills and time.

How can a VirtualAssistantsHire Expert Sales Assistant help increase your sales?

Lead Generation

A VAH expert sales assistant are trained in using our lead generation system which can get you at least 200 leads within 3 minutes and also scrape leads from different source to increase your sales/appointments.

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing at a low rate doesn’t work no doubt. However, with our system, our expert sales assistant sends out at least 150 emails per day and this guarantees at least 5 to 6 response daily. 

Cold Calling

Direct call to at least 50 potential clients by an experienced sales assistant per day have the potential of getting you atleast 10 positive response a day and 5 sales per day.

Lead Engagement


Engaging with potential prospects that can use your service is quite technical and without the expert skills needed, you might be missing out on potential sales. Let our expert sales assistants help.

Market Research

Undoubtedly the most ignored aspect of sales most likely due to lack of time or understanding of how effective market research is in sales. With the help of our expert assistants  you can get a complete breakdown of what works to increase sales. 

Follow Ups

Customer/client follow up is an important sales process that is overlooked by most business owners. Why handle all the stress alone when you can hire an expert sales assistant to deal with sales and follow up.

Why You Need Our 90- Days Remote Scaling System

For any business, sales are the most important factor. As an entrepreneur, business owner, professional, or business organization, no doubt there is a need to further increase your income rate to a higher degree reaching the 7 figures value. VirtualAssistantsHire provides you with the best trained and qualified expert sales assistants in conjunction with our A. I marketing platform to help you achieve that 7 figure goal for your business. 

Our Artificial intelligence marketing system managed by a specialist sales virtual assistant is guaranteed to help you scale your business massively and help you like other business owners we have helped to get to that 7-figure rate you desire.

Hiring an expert sales virtual assistant in combination with our A. The platform is guaranteed to save you at least 60 to 70% of the cost used in hiring physical employees and marketing expenses.

Why Choose VirtualAssistantsHire

GMass- Mass Emailing

Every plan comes with GMass included. GMass sis a mass emailing system that enables email marketing at the optimum level. You do not need to pay a dollar for this extra service. 

Lead Generator

In addition to GMass, we provide you with a lead generation service that generates at least 3000 potential leads per day and with the use of GMass and your trained virtual assistant you can expect a significant increase in sales. 


CloudTalk is a cold calling CRM, with cloudtalk, you can create a support and sales based system which allows your virtual assistant handle sales and support by reaching out to potential clients directly. 

Zoom Workspace

In addition to screenshot monitor to help you monitor the working hours of your assistant, with our zoom workspace, you get to see your  assistant work in real-time at any point during working hours.

Assigned Manager

The agency provide you with a manager to help hand in hand with your virtual assistant and help you out at any point in time.

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Business Scaling Sessions

Monthly sessions on tools and new systems you can implement to scale your business and further increase the productivity of your assistant. 

VirtualAssistantsHire is a U.S.-based recruitment company headquartered in Texas.

Our main goal is to provide high-quality assistants to help both small and large scale businesses. organizations, entrepreneurs, and professionals scale their business at the most cost-effective rate in the market.

Irrespective of the service you offer, or the scale of your organization, regardless of the number of virtual assistant you need either it be a large scale recruitment or a single virtual assistant we are fully committed to providing you with the most experienced assistants and the best service to help you scale your business and achieve your goal with less pressure on your budget.

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Strategy/Interview Process

Our Expert Consultants are ready to meet you and help identify what you need and identify if any of our services is right for you and the right virtual Assistant.



Our technical and consult support team provides you with every materials, support within the first week to guide you through every steps of our proven onboarding process.


Virtual Assistant OnBoarding

We guide you through the process of Onboarding your selected virtual assistant into your team and make sure they can start as early as possible

Still in doubt

Check out our lead generation system

It's time to get more done and also have enough spare time to promote your business.

The amount of hours spent on administrative tasks, emails, calendar management, appointment settings and sales can be directed into developing your business. At VirtualAssistantsHire our mission is to help you develop your business rapidly by saving you enough time to focus on important things and have the best expert in the business promote your business.