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Frequently Asked Questions​

Hiring a virtual assistant- everything you need to know

How Can A Virtual Assistant Increase Your Sales

Our expert sales assistants are experienced sales representatives that can easily increase your sales through cold calling, cold emailing, follow up with potential clients

How Do I Know My Virtual Assistant Is Working

Keeping tabs on what a remote worker is doing is quite essential  and this can be done with the use of screenshot-monitor

Why Should I Hire A virtual Assistant

Let us examine it from the point of return on investment.

A virtual assistant gets paid a lesser rate in contrast to hiring a physical employee and no doubt most sales/lead process are activated online. With our lead generation and sale techniques, you are not only increasing your sales but cutting a significant amount of expenses spent on Ads, lead generation, sales team, and employee allowance.

Do i need to get my virtual assistant a laptop and other working materials?

 Our virtual assistants are equipped with every material they need to get started including laptops, headphones, stable wi-fi connections, and every other equipment they will need to work with.

tips you should know Before Hiring A Virtual assistant


Virtual Assistants are Replaced without charge.

Upon paying the sign-on fee, the agency is obligated to provide you with a replacement of virtual assistants at any time required without charge.


We only provide Virtual Assistants with some level of Experience

Our Virtual assistants are trained experts in their different specialties and are ready to help you scale your business.


We only provide VA's that are highly educated and fluent in english .

We make sure our virtual assistants are college-educated and are fluent in speaking and possess good English writing skills.


Virtual Assistants can be provided based on the specialty you require.

Irrespective of the specialty you are looking to get whether it be a social media manager, administrative assistant, general tasks assistant, SEO specialist, healthcare-related assistant, chat support assistant, or customer representative, we are at your service.


Flexible Working Hours

Our virtual assistants can work at any given time either be a part-time or full-time assistant.

Looking To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we receive:

It’s quite normal to be a bit skeptical about hiring someone remotely. Depending on their skills and experience, a virtual sales assistant can help with: sales, customer support, prospecting, managing your sales, managing leads through social media platforms and setting appointments. So the question is, what do you need your virtual sales assistant to do? 

Understand they are working remotely. But a virtual sales assistant can still handle plenty of work within your sales pipeline.

Depending on what you need, your VA can be relied on for normal sales procedures, such as customer relationship management, cold calling, and more. However, their functions are not limited to sales alone because they can also act as your representative.

When you read through this, you might get the impression that a VA is only for businesses that are already growing and simply need to supplement their staff. But you’d be surprised. A virtual assistant can be great for C-level executives, freelancers, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs. There’s no limit to who should hire a VA—it all depends on what you need to get done daily.

You have the right to let a VA go if you feel they are not performing well as expected. And the company’s policy is to provide you with another VA without charge.