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Why Every CEO/Business Owner Needs An Executive Assistant

Every business owner out there whether they are just starting out or with multiple years of experience can attest to the effect of having a significant burnout at some stage due to excessive tasks, inability to deal with multiple projects at once, having to deal with countless employees, email, calls, and meetings all at once and the lack of free time for either personal activities or family moments. 

As time goes by, we have come to understand the value and importance of delegating some tasks to either other employees or to our colleagues to save us time but despite the using this system of delegation, the urge to get involved in the daily activities of our business still keeps us overwhelmed. 

Surprisingly, this is not the case for some percentage of business owners/CEOs out there as they have mastered the skills of delegating tasks by using the service of an executive assistant. 

Behind every CEO’s success, there is an Executive Assistant helping to make their life easy and successful. 

Over the years the Executive assistant role evolves into many various names. An executive assistant is someone who may help with decision-making, networking, influencing, scheduling, appointment setting, email management, managing, and even leading.

 Executive assistants typically answer phones, screen visitors, plan trips, create reports, file, and organize papers, take minutes at meetings, and perform basic bookkeeping.

An executive assistant plays a critical function in a firm. Administrative assistants differ from executive assistants in that administrative assistants focus on clerical chores, whilst executive assistants assist firm executives by handling higher-level responsibilities.

 Executive assistants undertake a wide range of tasks, specifically tailored to making the life of a CEO/Business owner easier and more resourceful.


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Hiring An Executive Assistant

An executive assistant must possess some knowledge in the field they desire to work in. If an executive assistant plans to work in a legal environment, for example, they should be knowledgeable about legal terminology and procedures.

Before hiring an executive assistant as a CEO, look out for these certain skills:

  • Outstanding Communication Skills

An Executive assistant must possess the ability to speak and write in a succinct and positive manner that creates a good image of the company or brand and the CEO that she represents.

Furthermore, an Executive Assistant needs to have outstanding communication skills as he or she deals with the company’s clients, customers, and employees, so he or she should also possess the ability to actively listen to other people’s concerns, ask questions,  and be able to properly and diplomatically share those concerns.

  • Exceptional professionalism

Professionalism is a must-have quality in an Executive Assistant. These professionals have to interact with all levels of an organization on a regular basis. From the support staff to the CEO, an efficacious Executive Assistant must treat everyone with respect, as well as maintain an even temper. Confidentiality is something that is a non-negotiable trait that ranks at the top of the must-haves for this role.

The ideal executive assistant will strive to put her boss in the limelight and work tirelessly to ensure he or she reaches and exceeds their goals.

  • Exceptional Organizational Skills

The job of an Executive Assistant is extremely dynamic; an executive assistant must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and possess the ability to handle organizing numerous company operations as well as tasks supporting company leaders.

While speed is imperative, what’s more, important is the ability to multitask in an organized manner. An executive assistant must be responsive and be able to prioritize and complete tasks, such as scheduling conferences, tracking meetings, booking travels and preparing reports and documents effectively.

  • Willingness To Learn

Professional Executive Assistants are willing to go the extra mile.

Your executive assistant should be one of the most tech-savvy people in the building. He/She should be familiar with the company’s Mission Statement and work to promote it.  Resourcefulness, keeping up with current events, and reading up on industry trends can set one candidate apart from another.

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